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I was reading this older post about how Laura Ingalls’ mother had a homemaking task for each day of the week and it reminded me that I do the same thing, so I thought I would share mine. I’ve mentioned before in this post how shining my sink lead me to have an evening schedule, which ended up helping our mornings run much smoother. While Fly Lady has an area of the house (or zones as she calls them) that last for up to a week each, I found that with animals and a smaller house, a week was just overkill.  Therefore, I decided to schedule an area or certain activities for each day of the week.

Mondays: Bedrooms

Changing and washing the sheets, clearing off all countertops, decluttering and dusting.

Tuesdays: Bathrooms

Scrubbing the showers, washing the towels, disinfecting everything, restocking toilet paper and personal care items, and decluttering.

Wednesdays: Greatroom

Vacuuming and mopping (whole house), dusting, decluttering, washing blankets and afghans, wiping down furniture.

Thursdays: Kitchen

Clean appliances, clean out the refrigerator, menu plan, look for sales and coupons, plus update the running shopping list.

Throughout the week I add things to a running list. On Thursdays I highlight which store I will be purchasing the item from based on sales, coupons and regular prices. I write next to each item what the sale consists of and if there is a coupon and estimated price. I mainly shop at the same two stores, so this doesn’t take me that long. One perk about only shopping at two stores, I know when something is a really good bargain and then am able to stock up.

Fridays: Bills and Budgeting, plus grocery shopping and other errands.

When gas went up several years ago, I would wait until I had several errands before I headed out in order to save gas. Even though gas prices have gone back down, this habit has stuck with me.

Saturdays: Missed Item Day.

Sundays: Rest!

While I don’t follow it 100% of the time because life happens, I do try to do my best and since I’ve been doing it this way for several years, it just sort of comes natural now. I also have another daily homemaking list that I do daily and a once monthly list, but I’ll share those later.

Do you have a homemaking schedule? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “My Cleaning Schedule

  1. I wish my cleaning and organizing schedule would be as smooth as yours. Cleaning the bathroom and washing bed sheets are my weekend routine,folding clothes is like a daily routine. I’m trying to keep up with a good habit that I wanted to live by but sometimes it’s hard…

    1. I have a hard time too. For the longest time I had to keep a piece of paper on my refrigerator with what needed to be done each week and then cross off the items as I completed them. When they were all done, I would print out another copy and start over. I used to be really hard on myself about this, but then realized with kids, things are not going to be like in a magazine, and it is OK. Family is way more important than having a spotless house.

  2. Oh, I love this! I used to keep a list, but it wasn’t as detailed as yours, by any means. I’ve been watching this British show called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. I think the thing that fascinates me most is how a lot of the obsessive people clean their ENTIRE house each day. I’m talking windows, oven, toilets, tubs, floors, fridge, cupboards (inside and out), walls, OH MAN ~ just EVERYTHING! I know it sounds crazy, but I wish I could get into that. I love things perfect and spotless.

    1. I don’t like to clean that much…lol! I just try to focus on one room at a time and of course pick up things that are obvious other places, but the whole house every day, that is never going to happen. Speaking of windows, I really need to do mine. Not looking forward to it at all.

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