I Work Out! September 6th – 12th


Circuit Trained 120 minutes

Ran 9.81 miles

Biked 0

Walked 1.2

I saw a whale! That was the second time I’ve ever seen one. They are amazing!

I also found a shark tooth that I added to my ever growing collection. And people wonder why I don’t like to swim…lol.

I’m still not finding any money.  One thing around here that I’ve noticed from talking to friends, is that I’m the only one that uses cash to make purchases.  All of them use their debit cards.  So maybe that is why?  Less people walking around with change.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com.

4 thoughts on “I Work Out! September 6th – 12th

    1. I think it is awesome that your girls like getting out and going for a run. You are getting them off to a healthy start in life.

  1. I find it so funny when organizations are outside of grocery stores asking for donations. Who carries cash anymore? 😛 Congrats on the workouts! I recently started again, but I am nowhere near what you are achieving. Yet. (I am always hopeful!) 🙂

    And I’m with you. I am not swimming in the shark’s soup bowl! ::O

    1. Yes, we have kids outside our grocery store all the time and I rarely have anything to give them. I used to always pay with cash but slipped back into my old habit of using the debit card. Yesterday I saw a commercial where you can pay with your phone! What next?

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