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Ideas I Want To Try

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I’m one of those people who always has to try new things, as long as they aren’t dangerous, like sky diving or feeding sharks while scuba diving. I’m glad some people are brave enough to do those things, but I do have a line in the sand, and those definitely cross it. However, when it comes to saving money, I’m usually all for it. Therefore, I decided when I come across a neat idea to save some cash, I’d make a list so that I would not forget to give them a whirl. So without further ado…

First up, is freezing yogurt. Who knew? Not me. I’ve tried freezing milk and that didn’t turn out as planned, so I never tried to freeze anything dairy again besides ice cream. Then, I came across this older posting at The Humbled Homemaker.  Unfortunately, I found this the day after my favorite yogurt went off sale. I have that kind of luck, but next time I see a good deal I’m going to give it a try and see if it works.

Then I noticed that Colleen at 365 Less Things, had a repost of some questions you can ask yourself about how your decluttering is going. I am giving them some thought and maybe I’ll make a post about my progress so far.

And I love this idea of turning old flannel pj’s into napkins at  I do have some material on hand and since school is starting, what better time to try something. I’ll have to iron and measure these so as not to embarrass family when they are used in public. Bummer.

Froogs at Frugal Queen is a UK blog I’ve been reading for years. She really knows how to whip up some frugal dishes and she unknowingly inspired and helped me to learn how to quilt through some tutorials she has on her blog. The other day I came across her post about budgeting for Christmas and realized it was that time of year again. Yep, time to start planning in order to not rack up any debt over the holidays and not add any more clutter in the home.

Have you come across anything interesting you’d like to try?

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Some Fun and Frugal Things Going on Around Here

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OK, before you even read about my frugal activities, please note that I am not handy, crafty, or have a Martha Stewart type house.  I like clear, uncluttered, practical, with no dust collectors.  In other words, stark.  I also can be quite lazy and hate to iron, which you’ll soon see.  Oh, and Pinterest is not my friend, because it gives me anxiety over my failure to be crafty.  So anyway…

I turned a holey dishtowel into 2 dishcloths. This took about fifteen minutes tops. I was going to toss the dishtowel into the rag bin, but it still looked good other than for the two holes, so I took out a dishcloth to use as a template and just cut about ½ inch further out. Then I pinned them up, ran them through the sewing machine, and they are now in my kitchen drawer ready to be used. Yep, I was super lazy and didn’t measure, iron, or anything.  Honestly, my family will not care if they are crooked.  That is just how we are.

I turned an old curtain into two dog bed pillowcases. Dog beds are so expensive and Ms. M likes to throw-up on them instead of on the much easier to clean tile floors. So after multiple washings, the covers just start to shred. I’d repaired them numerous times and the last time I attempted to wash them, they literally fell apart.

So I had an old set of curtains in the closet that I was hanging onto for some reason, and I got an idea to use them to make pillowcases for the beds. I made them just like regular pillowcases, only a little longer than necessary, so that I can fold under the open end.  Actually, that was an accident because I didn’t really measure, but it ended up being a good thing.

They turned out OK (Ms. M is not that picky) and because the curtain material is thicker, they seem to be holding up well through the washing machine. Yes, I had to wash them the day after I made them.  Thanks Ms. M!

I’m thinking of making throw pillows for our couch from the left over curtain pieces. Then everything will match…lol.  I’m quite serious.

Have you done any frugal things recently?  I’d love to hear about them.

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