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Project 333

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Several years ago, when I became aware that my lifestyle was not helping me heal from being sick, and that some changes needed to be made around our home in order for me to function, I came across something online called Project 333. The premise with Project 333  by Courtney Carver, is that you look through your wardrobe and select 33 items that you will wear for 3 months. This project intrigued me because one of my main frustrations was having a walk in closet stuffed full of clothes and having nothing to wear!

Now, I basically live in jeans, skirts, camisoles/tanks, and what I term layer-ups, with the occasional t-shirt thrown in. Oh, and flip-flops. I can’t forget those! I am also so not a jewelry or scarf person, so there was nothing to fret over in those departments either. So you would think that this would have been easy.

Nope, it was hard. Because of my illness, I could not just pull everything out and go through it in all one go. I had to work drawer by drawer and item type by item type. This took me quite some time, however as I went through each item type I realized that I didn’t even wear over 50% of the items and I’m embarrassed to say that there were some I had never worn.

And if I thought setting aside over half my wardrobe was hard, it got even harder when I had to decide what went together. All I can say was not much. I really had no style, as my wardrobe went from animal prints to stripes and everything in between. No wonder I would get overwhelmed every morning when I went to get dressed.

So for the first 3 month segment, I decided to stick with solid bottoms and camisoles and then wear colorful layer-ups or tops as the flashier pieces in my wardrobe. This of course eliminated almost all of the rest of my skirts except for a few denim ones. I also decided that my colors would be based around navy blue and gray, so that eliminated black pieces which didn’t work well with my complexion anyway.

Then I put all the rejects into some boxes and stuck them in the spare bedroom to review at the end of the three months. And guess what? I didn’t miss anything! In fact, I felt so much better when I got dressed each morning, that I ended up going through the boxes early and giving stuff away.

While I currently do not do Project 333 anymore, mostly because I have streamlined my wardrobe to be everything I love and need, I recommend it to anyone overwhelmed by their closet/wardrobe each morning. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to just open the door and knowing whatever items I grab all go together. What used to take ten minutes or more, now takes maybe one. I love it!

Have you decluttered your closet? If so, I would love to hear what inspired you to do it and how it went for you.

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3 Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

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While I am not a gourmet cook by any means, I do like to prepare simple, healthy meals for my family.  In order to do that, I have certain appliances that I use all of the time in my kitchen, and I thought I would share them since I enjoy reading about what other people like to cook with.

The toaster oven.  I use this every day.  It is great for warming up food, making toast, and cooking pizza, just to name a few.  I got it about 5 years ago and it was money well spent.  I like that you heat up just a little space instead of a huge oven, especially during the heat of the summer.  It is easy to clean, and takes up little space on our counter.

The bread machine*I tried for years to make a decent loaf of homemade bread the ‘old fashioned’ way and it just wasn’t happening.  Something always went wrong, such as it not rising, too holey, or it turned out small and hard like a brick.  Then someone gave me a bread machine and things changed.  Now I have family members fighting over the heals of bread when it gets done baking, and it makes delicious jam too.  Plus, I know exactly what is in the bread.  The only downside is that the bread will go bad faster than store bought, but that rarely happens around here because it gets eaten really fast.

The KitchenAid Mixer*.  This was also a gift, and I use it all the time as well.  It makes the smoothest mashed potatoes in like a minute!  Well, maybe two minutes, but either way, it is faster than a hand mixer.  You can even use it to knead dough if you want help making bread the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Anyway, those are my favorite kitchen appliances.  I could  live without them, but they make my life easier.  Therefore, they have made the cut every time I have decluttered my kitchen.

What about you?  Do you have some kitchen appliances that you use all of the time and would have a hard time decluttering?

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* I am not affiliated with either of the linked products.  I just use and like them.



Several years ago when I got sick, I also got upset because my house was a wreck. Just looking at the dust on everything, the toys everywhere, and the pile mountain of laundry that grew and grew, made me feel a thousand times worse.

Eventually, as I started feeling a little better, I also started to pick up the pieces of my very messy home. As I cleaned and straightened, it suddenly dawned on me that if something was covered in dust, then we didn’t really need it. So, why were these things in our house? Why had I been stressing about them for months?  Why couldn’t I just give them away?

What a revelation!

At that point in time I had never heard of minimalism, non-consumerism, decluttering, etc. I just knew that I felt so much better when the dusty, unused things started leaving our home. Each thing gone opened a tiny little space within me to the point where I eventually started finding myself again.

I was not the sum of all of those things. They did not define me as a person, but they had owned me because I gave them the power to make me feel bad. By letting them go, I started taking that power back and enjoying more of my life.

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