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What Finally Helped My Dandruff Problem

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For as long as I remember, I had dandruff. In middle school I started getting teased about the white flakes on my shoulders and it really hurt my feelings at the time. On top of the dandruff, my scalp would itch so bad that often I would scratch it until it bled.

I think I tried just about every dandruff shampoo I came across. They would work the day I washed my hair, but if I tried to go another day without washing, the dandruff and horrible itching would be back.  I was literally stuck using those products and I wasn’t happy about it.

Then one day I heard about no poo. This is where you stop washing your hair and brush the oil from the scalp down the hair each day. I gave it a try, but the itching got so bad that I ended up with sores on my head. So I moved on to using baking soda as a scrub for my scalp and vinegar as a rinse. I loved the smell of the apple cider vinegar and it made my hair feel soft, but I could not get the baking soda completely off of my scalp when I used it and it caused irritation.

I finally started reading a few hair care forums and after lots more trial and error, I came across something that worked!  Which is:

I only wash my hair every three to four days and I do so with a clarifying shampoo that I only use on my scalp. I massage it in for a minute or two making sure not to use my fingernails. This helps lift the oil off of the scalp and prevent buildup.

I also limit the conditioner to the bottom half of my hair so that it will not leave any residue on my scalp and massage in a dab of tea tree oil at the first sign of itching, which happens rarely anymore.

Plus, I hardly ever use hair products like hair spray, mouse, and gel. If I do, I have to wash my hair more frequently to get it out and thus my scalp gets more irritated and prone to dandruff.

This is how I’ve been taking care of my hair for two years and it works pretty well. Nobody has mentioned anything about my hair ever smelling or looking bad and I don’t think even my family knows that I don’t wash my hair that often.

While I’m not an expert on dandruff, I just thought I’d share what works for me in the hopes that it might help someone else. If you have, or had dandruff, what works for you?

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