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Homework and Things


I knew having a kiddo in high school was going to involve some changes, but I have been shocked at the amount of homework my teenager has had.  The other night it took 5 hours!  Usually it has been only 2 or 3.  Goodness!  I’ve spent my evenings helping study for lots of tests and answering questions about assignments.  I’m sooo glad I’m long out of school…lol.  Worse, I can’t read the questions or anything in the textbooks without my reading glasses.  Yikes!

Other than that, there’s just been lots of laundry and mending going on.  I’ve also been trying to go through our clothes to see what is needed.  While it doesn’t freeze where we live thanks to the warm ocean temperatures, it can get quite chilly.  The blood gets thinner in the south, that is for sure.

Is anything exciting going on in your life?  I’d love to hear about it.

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