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Save Money by Cooking with Whole Chickens

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Like most other people, I am always looking for a way to save money on our grocery budget. This is not something that comes easily for me. For the longest time, I was never really that interested in learning how to cook, so our grocery bill was high due to my purchasing lots of prepackaged items and convenience foods. However, once we started our family and I found out that both my daughter and I have food allergies, things had to change fairly quickly. Specialty items are expensive and they were killing our food budget, so one of the first things I learned how to do, was to start cooking using whole chickens.

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3 Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

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While I am not a gourmet cook by any means, I do like to prepare simple, healthy meals for my family.  In order to do that, I have certain appliances that I use all of the time in my kitchen, and I thought I would share them since I enjoy reading about what other people like to cook with.

The toaster oven.  I use this every day.  It is great for warming up food, making toast, and cooking pizza, just to name a few.  I got it about 5 years ago and it was money well spent.  I like that you heat up just a little space instead of a huge oven, especially during the heat of the summer.  It is easy to clean, and takes up little space on our counter.

The bread machine*I tried for years to make a decent loaf of homemade bread the ‘old fashioned’ way and it just wasn’t happening.  Something always went wrong, such as it not rising, too holey, or it turned out small and hard like a brick.  Then someone gave me a bread machine and things changed.  Now I have family members fighting over the heals of bread when it gets done baking, and it makes delicious jam too.  Plus, I know exactly what is in the bread.  The only downside is that the bread will go bad faster than store bought, but that rarely happens around here because it gets eaten really fast.

The KitchenAid Mixer*.  This was also a gift, and I use it all the time as well.  It makes the smoothest mashed potatoes in like a minute!  Well, maybe two minutes, but either way, it is faster than a hand mixer.  You can even use it to knead dough if you want help making bread the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Anyway, those are my favorite kitchen appliances.  I could  live without them, but they make my life easier.  Therefore, they have made the cut every time I have decluttered my kitchen.

What about you?  Do you have some kitchen appliances that you use all of the time and would have a hard time decluttering?

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* I am not affiliated with either of the linked products.  I just use and like them.