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My Cleaning Schedule

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I was reading this older post about how Laura Ingalls’ mother had a homemaking task for each day of the week and it reminded me that I do the same thing, so I thought I would share mine. I’ve mentioned before in this post how shining my sink lead me to have an evening schedule, which ended up helping our mornings run much smoother. While Fly Lady has an area of the house (or zones as she calls them) that last for up to a week each, I found that with animals and a smaller house, a week was just overkill.  Therefore, I decided to schedule an area or certain activities for each day of the week.

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Progress on Cutting our Phone Bill in Half #2

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Previously I wrote about wanting to cut our phone bill in half here and here.  Well, I’m happy to report that the SIM cards finally arrived and I was able to switch them out on two of the phones already.  I still have to do phone #1, but that will have to wait until I visit some of my relatives.

Surprisingly, after watching a few YouTube videos on how to do it, it took about 1 hour to switch the SIM cards and port the numbers on the two phones over to our new carrier, all while cooking dinner.  Go me…lol!  Actually a lot of the time was just waiting for the porting to take place and getting the emails and texts saying it was done.  Plus, I’m no gourmet chef as anyone lucky enough to eat my cooking would tell you.  And no, that does not hurt my feelings at all, just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and I want to say “Thank You” to Gladys, who writes at The Pinay Mom, for offering to help me if I got stuck.  I still have one more phone to do, so she might hear from me yet.

As of now, two days in, I’m pleased with the service and everything on the two phones works just fine.  So I’ll give you an update in a few weeks and let you know how I still feel about it.

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Progress on Cutting Our Phone Bill in Half

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OK, I’m slowly making progress on switching our phones over in order to save money.  I contacted our current provider to have our phones unlocked.  I am now waiting for them to get back to me.  Once they do, I am going to order sim cards and plans (1 unlimited & 2 pay-as-you-go) for all three phones.  If the sim cards work, I will then try to port (move) the phone numbers over to the new carrier.

As for phone 3 in this post that I was worried about,  I have decided to keep it and order a new battery.  I found some on Amazon that were only a few dollars and I might see if I can buy a new cord as well.  I have turned the data plan off of it for now and am using wifi here at home.  I just want to see if I can get by with little to no data, as I don’t think I used much to begin with.  If it is a problem, I will order a feature phone a.k.a. dinosaur phone that will not get data at all.  That should take care of that problem.

All of this has been a huge learning experience for me so far.  I had no idea that phones were locked, had sim cards, that you could port numbers, etc.  There is a wealth of information about it at numerous sites that I have found.  They have really opened my eyes and I think cutting my phone bill in half is a good possibility.

I will continue to let you know how things are progressing.  Maybe this will help someone else go through the process and save some money as well.

Also, if you’ve ever done this, I’d love to hear how the process went for you.

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