About Me

Hi, I’m MsSandyFeet, the person behind Sandy Feet Treasures. I live at the beach and love to run and hang out with my family.

The frugal bug really hit when I got sick and realized that things needed to change in my life and my families lives. I just couldn’t keep up with all of our stuff! Why did we have SO much stuff? It was really getting me down both mentally and physically.

So, I started to run for my health and declutter one thing a day for my sanity and here I am a few years later feeling much better overall and enjoying life again. None of which would ever have happened without the support of my loving family. They might think I’ve got crazy ideas, but they love me anyway. Lucky me!

Along the way I found out about living on a budget, paying off all debt and having an emergency fund. Who knew?! Obviously, I was late to the party, but at least I showed up! I still have a lot to learn and so I hope to connect with other people on this same journey to share some awesome ideas.

Frugal blessings to all!