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I Work Out! August 23rd – 29th


Circuit Trained 120 minutes

Ran 2.32 miles

Biked 0

Walked 1.2

Getting a run in this week has been a nightmare. Every night I’ve had either something planned, was extremely sore from doing circuit training after about a 2 week break and couldn’t move, or else we were having horrible thunder storms. Hopefully things will improve next week, because if they don’t, I’m going to have to come up with another workout schedule. Worse, Ms. M is not overly happy about things either and keeps looking at me hopefully just about every time I head out the door. I dislike disappointing her.

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Project 333

dress-163606_640 - Copy

Several years ago, when I became aware that my lifestyle was not helping me heal from being sick, and that some changes needed to be made around our home in order for me to function, I came across something online called Project 333. The premise with Project 333  by Courtney Carver, is that you look through your wardrobe and select 33 items that you will wear for 3 months. This project intrigued me because one of my main frustrations was having a walk in closet stuffed full of clothes and having nothing to wear!

Now, I basically live in jeans, skirts, camisoles/tanks, and what I term layer-ups, with the occasional t-shirt thrown in. Oh, and flip-flops. I can’t forget those! I am also so not a jewelry or scarf person, so there was nothing to fret over in those departments either. So you would think that this would have been easy.

Nope, it was hard. Because of my illness, I could not just pull everything out and go through it in all one go. I had to work drawer by drawer and item type by item type. This took me quite some time, however as I went through each item type I realized that I didn’t even wear over 50% of the items and I’m embarrassed to say that there were some I had never worn.

And if I thought setting aside over half my wardrobe was hard, it got even harder when I had to decide what went together. All I can say was not much. I really had no style, as my wardrobe went from animal prints to stripes and everything in between. No wonder I would get overwhelmed every morning when I went to get dressed.

So for the first 3 month segment, I decided to stick with solid bottoms and camisoles and then wear colorful layer-ups or tops as the flashier pieces in my wardrobe. This of course eliminated almost all of the rest of my skirts except for a few denim ones. I also decided that my colors would be based around navy blue and gray, so that eliminated black pieces which didn’t work well with my complexion anyway.

Then I put all the rejects into some boxes and stuck them in the spare bedroom to review at the end of the three months. And guess what? I didn’t miss anything! In fact, I felt so much better when I got dressed each morning, that I ended up going through the boxes early and giving stuff away.

While I currently do not do Project 333 anymore, mostly because I have streamlined my wardrobe to be everything I love and need, I recommend it to anyone overwhelmed by their closet/wardrobe each morning. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to just open the door and knowing whatever items I grab all go together. What used to take ten minutes or more, now takes maybe one. I love it!

Have you decluttered your closet? If so, I would love to hear what inspired you to do it and how it went for you.

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I Work Out August 16th – 22nd


Circuit Trained 15 minutes. Back to school activities and bad weather are really interfering with my exercise classes, so I did one round several times on my own and some planks. It was definitely not up to the same level as I do at class, but better than nothing.

Ran 12.7 miles and found .01¢.

Biked 0

Walked .6

Well, I think I need to change my running routes because I’ve only found .02¢ over the last two weeks. I’ve even looked around some bus stop benches and nothing. I guess I’m not the only one that picks up loose change around here. I have competition!

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