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Several years ago when I got sick, I also got upset because my house was a wreck. Just looking at the dust on everything, the toys everywhere, and the pile mountain of laundry that grew and grew, made me feel a thousand times worse.

Eventually, as I started feeling a little better, I also started to pick up the pieces of my very messy home. As I cleaned and straightened, it suddenly dawned on me that if something was covered in dust, then we didn’t really need it. So, why were these things in our house? Why had I been stressing about them for months?  Why couldn’t I just give them away?

What a revelation!

At that point in time I had never heard of minimalism, non-consumerism, decluttering, etc. I just knew that I felt so much better when the dusty, unused things started leaving our home. Each thing gone opened a tiny little space within me to the point where I eventually started finding myself again.

I was not the sum of all of those things. They did not define me as a person, but they had owned me because I gave them the power to make me feel bad. By letting them go, I started taking that power back and enjoying more of my life.

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What I Take On My Runs


I’m going to admit upfront that I am one of those runners that does not run listening to music. I’ve tried it and just found it distracting. Between the wires, the buds hurting my ears, the weight of the phone on my arm, and not being able to hear traffic or dogs running up behind me, I just don’t do it anymore. Maybe if I ran by myself more often I would change my mind. As it is now, I’m the crazy older lady that talks to her dog on her runs and daydreams.

However, even though I don’t listen to music, there are certain things I always take on my runs. Such as:

A Band-Aid. I never carried one until I saw someone get cut at the start of a race and nobody had one to give her. They don’t weigh anything, so why not?

A tissue. I have allergies, and I take extras when it is cold. Though I learned not to use them to wipe away sweat because then you end up with little white tissue particles stuck all over your face and kids point and stare. Not really, but I wouldn’t blame them if they did.

A photo id. Just in case I have an accident, so rescue people can figure out who I am. I’ve heard of those id tags you can put on your watch band and have considered getting one.

My phone. I’ve never used it for an emergency, but I like having it in case I need it. Occasionally I will use it to take pictures while on a run. Of course now that I’ve pretty much turned it into a dumb phone, that will most likely not be happening.

All of those items are carried in my Spibelt* around my hips. I don’t even know it is there most of the time while running. I recommend this belt to all of my friends, as it was worth every cent I paid for it.

My Garmin*. I have their very basic one because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. I do!

Ms. M and two poop bags tied to her leash. I hardly leave without her. She’d hound me about it if I did! Ha-ha!

I’m not gone for hours and usually try to run when it has cooled off and someone else is home to let me back in, so no water or keys.

Does it seem like I take too little or too much? I’m curious about what other people take, so please feel free to share what you can’t leave home without on a run.

*I do not work for either company.

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I Work Out! July 19th – 25th


Circuit Trained 60 minutes

Ran 5.7 10.93 (I got a run in late last night at the last minute!)

Biked 0

Walked 0

Swam at the beach 0 times

I am currently helping someone learn to run, so my running and other workout schedules have been really off.   However, having a crazy schedule will be worth it if they decide they love to run.  I sure hope that happens.

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